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vision 2020

St John’s seeks to be a multi-ethnic church, welcoming and representing the people of the parish in our worship, our discipleship, our fellowship, our leadership and our outreach.

1. A Great Multitude: Intentional Outreach

We are called to love unconditionally, live with integrity, speak truth courageously and witness sensitively and unapologetically. We long to see people become disciples of Jesus Christ from all the ethnic communities of our parish.

2. From every nation: Multi-ethnic Church

We are called to glorify God by honouring the different heritage backgrounds that have shaped us. We seek to encourage vocation and leadership from within all the communities represented in the church and parish.

3. Every tribe: Empower the next generation

We are called to be a community for all ages and recognise a special responsibility to engage, disciple and empower children and young people to be full and active members and leaders of the church.

4. Every people: Engagement in & beyond the parish

We are called to be both a healing and prophetic voice in the wider community in Southall and the Borough of Ealing and all our workplaces. We are committed to being engaged in sustainable and just development of and mission to God’s world.

5. And every language: Resourcing Mission

We are called to share the expertise which our situation in Southall has given us with both the local and national church in encouraging, equipping and enabling the ministry and mission of the church in multi-religious and multi-ethnic contexts.

6. Standing before the throne: Stewarding our resources

In order to fulfil this calling, we recognise the need to improve our organisational structures and our stewardship of our buildings and resources.

7. Crying, ‘Salvation belongs to our God’: Renewing worship, prayer, pastoral care and discipleship

In seeking God’s grace to fulfil this calling, we will seek to develop and expand our worship, prayer, pastoral care and discipleship.

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