Sunday Service bookings

From Monday 19th July Covid-19 rules were relaxed in England, however due to the increase in cases we would like to take a cautious approach so here are some suggestions we would ask you to follow :

1. Bookings. There is no longer any need to book for services online but we will continue to use a paper sign-in system on arrival at church for track and trace purposes.

2. Masks. Given the warnings about rising infection numbers and people's anxiety about going from full precautions to no precautions overnight, we would ask that you consider continuing to wear a mask during the service and while moving around in church.

3. Spacing. While we are allowed to sit beside each other on the 25th, could we also suggest that we still spread out as much as we can. The two side aisles will be allocated for those who want to strictly observe social distancing while the central seats will be for those who are comfortable sitting next to others.

4. Hugging. We will continue to share the Peace by staying in our places. Please do not rush up to people and hug them without first asking if they are comfortable with this.
5. Communion. We will continue to receive only the bread in the form of wafers.

6. Zoom. Over the summer we are aiming to keep all of our services on Zoom as well as in the building. Please bear with us if there are technical issues when members of the team are away on holiday. The services will be on the same Zoom login every week (see below). Please make a note of this today as the link won't be sent out again over the summer. 

7. Fellowship. For those wishing to chat after the service, please spread out around the building or use the small garden for socialising. Please be mindful of others who may be more nervous about social mixing.

8. Refreshments. Please continue to bring your own bottles of water to church. We hope it will be possible to resume refreshments at some point after the summer.

9. Giving. We still need your gifts to ensure our financial stability this year! If you're not on the Parish Giving Scheme for regular givers, you can give online here:

How to join our online services:

To join St John's online Services, please request access via email to


For online security reasons we will only be able to provide access to people with known links to St John's. 


When sending your email to us, please let us know your first name and surname and your link to St John's.


We will reply with the access instructions as soon as possible.


Alternatively, all the services will be made available on our website the next day.