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St John’s has offered English classes for women of the community for over 25 years. The classes
aim to provide women with the confidence and essential English language skills for their day-to-
day activities. The classes focus on essential life skills, such as going to the GP, health and safety,
travelling, etc. besides basic grammar, speaking and writing skills.

Although the classes allow students to progress from a beginner to a pre-intermediate level, there
are no formal qualifications or certificates offered. An initial assessment is conducted to assess the
level of prospective students, and some testing is done at the end of the year to track progress of the
students and move them to other levels, or get specific support.

The classes are run by a team of volunteer teachers across the St John's Parish Centre and church
building on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays (term-time only). Classes start at 10am and finish
at 12pm, with a short coffee break at 11am.

There are limited spaces, and advance registration is essential to book a place. A registration day is
usually held in July, in preparation for classes that begin in the second week of September each
year. Registration involves a short test of existing English skills and completing our student
information form. A second registration sometimes is held in the first weeks of January.
If a place isn't immediately available, you may wish to go on the waiting list. Please let our English
Classes Coordinator know that you'd like us to keep your details.

We'd love to keep you informed. Please send us an email using the form at the end of this page
indicating your name and best contact number, and if you wish to receive an email or text message
notification when registration dates are announced.

Data Handling

We collect personal details for the students and their children on a registration form. Please consult
our privacy notice below if you wish to know how we keep and use your personal data.

Classes are free of charge but there is a £10 charge per term to cover the cost of coffee, tea, biscuits,
and teaching supplies.

A limited creche service is offered to children under 3 years old, to enable mothers of small
children to attend classes. Please check with the English Classes Coordinator upon registration.

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