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The Kings Centre Southall is a centre for transformation in a community of diverse ethnicity, faith and heritage. The Kings Centre Southall models and promotes transformation in the local community, national church and wider society.

The Kings Centre will act locally as: a hub for local and regional inter-faith engagement and education; a platform for the church and other organisations to serve the needs of the community; and, a focus for heritage and cultural projects in the area.

The Kings Centre will act regionally and nationally to provide training and resourcing for individuals, churches and other organisations wishing to learn how to thrive in a multi-cultural and multi-religious context.

The Kings Centre is currently based at St John’s Church in Southall. The project will re-develop the old St John’s Church building on King Street into a new centre, surrounded by landscaped open space.

As a result of this exciting regeneration, a neglected site on a busy high street in the heart of Old Southall will be transformed into a community facility that is open and accessible to all.

For more information: 
Phone: 020 8571 9877.

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