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Live streaming & recording consent form

St. John’s Southall Green feels it is vitally important to offer means of keeping all its members and visitors connected and engaged with our services. Therefore, our Sunday Service, as well as some special events, funerals, and weddings are broadcasted via live streaming to Zoom and recorded to be shared on our website and social media platforms, such as Facebook.


To safeguard everyone and to comply with Church of England requirements, we must carefully monitor and ensure that this practice is consistent with our Safeguarding Policy and Data Protection legislation.


For this reason, we have put the following guidelines in place:


·           Live streaming/ video recording will only be taken with the permission of the subject(s)

·           Live streaming/ video recording will not be taken of anyone unable to give consent

·           Live streaming/ video recording will maintain the dignity of the person/people in them

·           We will give the persons not willing to be recorded the opportunity to be in an area of the church building                    where they can participate in the service and not be captured on camera.


·           Zoom participants will be informed about their prerogative to switch off their own cameras.

I have read the conditions and consent to:


·           Live streaming/ video recording to be used for the purposes mentioned above on said platforms.


If there is any change to my decision, I will inform St. John’s Southall Green.

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