Space Hire 

Prices, terms and conditions

We take bookings! 


Main hall: £50 per hour

Small hall: £25 per hour

Kitchen: £15 flat rate

Cleaning fee: £55 flat rate​

(Includes caretaker/cleaner and waste disposal costs)

Main Hall & small hall: £65 per hour

Fees for charities, community groups and long term bookings are negotiable.

One off Car Park booking (no hall) £250

24 spaces / Saturday bookings only / minimum 5 hours


Annual car park fee: £260

Monday to Friday only.

St John's offers spaces to hire for meetings, birthday parties and other functions. 

We won't be able to take bookings for political and religious groups or activities of a religious nature. The consumption of alcohol is also not permitted in the premises. 


Small hall: up to 20 people with chairs and tables - ideal for small meetings or music class

Main Hall: up to 150 people with chairs and tables - ideal for birthday parties and functions

These two can also be used in combination for larger events.

Other charges and conditions

Finish time: no later than 11pm.

Overstaying charges: £25 per 15 min slot over the agreed hire time.

Damage deposit: £100 (to be returned to the hirer in the week after the booking if no breakages are found).

*Caretaker fee - mandatory on bookings for larger events such as weddings or events where all the Centre is booked. To be discussed with the administrator.

Cleaning - It covers the cleaning of the hall, corridor, toilets and other areas used to ensure the space is tidy to the standard we require for the other activities taking place in the centre. Waste disposal is included and we supply bin liners. The caretaker will also open and lock up the building outside normal office hours. 

Chairs and tables - Included in the booking. (max.150)

Planning your event

Please nominate a contact person to liaise with the administrator or caretaker before the event and on the day.

We will let you know about the emergency and fire exit plan, heating and lighting for your space.

Allow time to setup the event within your booking. If people start to arrive at 4pm, you may need 1 to 2 hours to setup depending on the scale of the event.

Booking and payment

Please check the availability of the space by filling out the form below on this page. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You will need to liaise with our administrator to sign the hall hire agreement and make payment. Payment of your booking and deposit is made in advance during office hours, Monday to Friday. Your deposit will be returned during office hours from the first working day after the event.

We reserve the right to cancel the booking if the payment isn't received until the last Friday before the event.

What we need to know?

Please pop us an email with the following information:

Name of the organizer/ main contact

Contact number 

Preferred dates and alternative dates (currently more availability on Saturdays afternoon/evening)

What is the nature of the event

How many people will attend (aprox.)

What rooms you wish to book (site plan above)

How many car park spaces will be required (max 20)

What catering arrangements you will have in place

What tables and chairs setup you have in mind

We're more than happy to answer any queries and book a time for a visit to the premises.

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